Bullshittin With Barry - Hurricane Delta Special

Esplicito Bullshittin With Barry - Hurricane Delta Special

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Politics: The presidential debates between Trump & Biden as well as the Vice presidential debates.
How 3rd party candidates are suppressed every election season in many states INCLUDING Louisiana, and how we blatantly shat on the Green Party / Howie Hawkins. What are the actual policies & agendas of Democrats vs Republicans vs Libertarians vs Green Party vs Kanye West?

Conspiracy: Trump Administration techniques seek to prey on those who are religious?
The true agenda of the U.S. Census Bureau ... Maggiori informazioni


  1. 23:55
    VILDHJARTA Den Helige Anden (Album Track)
  2. 30:35
    Born Of Osiris - XIV
  3. 77:20
    Persefone Consciousness (Pt.1 & Pt. 2)

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